Mrs Curl Ice Cream Shop
and Outdoor Cafe
259 South Meridian Street, Greenwood, Indiana  46143      PHONE:  (317) 882-1031

    1962                                                                          2019

   History of Mrs Curl

  "I think I could be onto something good!”   -Jim Davis, 1962

          Little did Jim Davis realize how important his dream would become to the Greenwood community.  Back in 1962, Jim’s father acquired the property.  Along with his purchase, there were some Sana Serve ice cream machines available to him.  Jim decided to take advantage of the low prices on the machines and purchase them.  He decided this would be an ideal place to put an ice cream stand.

Needing a new building, he looked at the Dairy Queen on the corner of U.S. 31 and Main Street in Greenwood.  The size of this building was the ideal size he was looking for.  One afternoon, with a pencil, pad, and tape measure in hand, he proceeded to copy the design of that building.  He counted every block so that he would not make any mistakes.

With sketches complete and a plan in mind, it was time to locate the building on the property.  He made a flag out of a broom handle and a rag, and walked up and down Main Street looking back at the flag in different locations so that he could ensure the best visibility from the main road.

At this time he was ready to start building.  Jim knew a few masons, who, without Jim’s help, finished laying the block in less than a day.  Jim did the carpentry, painting, and finished the trim with the help of some friends.  Jim funded all of this with his own money.  Shortly after he completed the building, the Dairy Queen on U.S. 31 was demolished for a newer building.

With the equipment in place, Jim was just about ready for business.  He still needed a name, so Parkview Dairy was born.  Through the years, the name has changed a few times(Mr. Curl and now Mrs. Curl), but the building is still pretty much the same. 

From the humble beginnings where employees made 50 cents an hour, to the delicious offerings of today, Mrs Curl continues to unite families for good times and good food.